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Hi! Get to know us

A little about us: we’re an adventure-loving, photo-taking, amateur-surfing travel couple.

Meet the Gang

About the couple Vanessa


Wife to Josh

Born and raised in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia with an affinity for all things design, outdoors and marketing. Vanessa loves to make long lasting connections, pet every dog she sees and watch the sunrise.

Occupation: Freelance Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Drink: Kombucha

Hobby: Plant mom + gardening

Snack: Avocado toast with sprouts

Activity: Taking photos on hikes

About the couple Josh


Husband to Vanessa

Vancouver born and Okanagan raised. A vagabond at heart – Josh would live in a shack if it meant he could create new experiences, and meet cool people. Barber by trade and a lover of ginger beer, dirtbag life, and camper vans.

Occupation: Barber

Drink: Ginger beer or Coca Cola

Hobby: Tinkering on cars

Snack: Trail Mix with M&Ms

Activity: Surfing + Snowboarding

the start of our adventures

How we started traveling

Our first international trip was to Panama. Where we spent a month exploring the country with a high school group called Students Without Border Academy. We joined this group as a pair of chaperones with the responsibility of ensuring the safety and a positive experience for the students. Little did we know that this trip would cause us to fall in love with the country and experiencing it as a traveller and not a tourist. Let’s just say – we were hooked.

About the travel couple
We spent New Years Eve watching the fireworks in the Casco Viejo district of Panama City.


Visited Countries


missed flights



Our Journey

We met while working at a summer camp. After that summer we started dating and got married 4 years later in 2019. For our honeymoon we went to Costa Rica for 2 weeks. While we were in land of Pura Vida we both realized that we did not have enough time to explore the whole country. The rest you can guess what happened for 2020 – a whole lot of staying home. After a changing event in 2021 we decided that we could not wait any longer to travel the world. We started to plan our dream of driving the Pan-American Highway down to Ushuaia, Argentina. Jump to the present where we are now working hard towards our goals and preparing to embark on our grand adventure on January 2023.

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