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Travel Gear We Love: Products We Use

The difference between a good adventure and a bad one comes down to your gear. There’s a saying somewhere that says “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate clothing.” I for one can attest to this firsthand. So since we have been putting our travel gear to the test on the road, we thought we should share our favourites with you.

Note: We only endorse things we’ve personally used or come highly recommended by trusted peers. If you grab anything we mention using our referral links, we may get a small commission. However, there’s no extra cost to you.

Gear we use for Travel

Yuba Ultralight L6 Rain Anorak

Hand zipping up water proof jacket used for travel
Close-up of Beyond Clothing’s YUBA ULTRALIGHT L6 RAIN ANORAK

This lightweight jacket is the best of both worlds – it repels water, blocks wind and packs down into a small pouch. The Yuba jacket by Beyond Clothing consists of 3 layers of Pertex®  fabric to allow movement and breathability. To top it off it has a DWR finish to prevent water saturating and improve evaporation. I love the performance of this jacket, it easily holds up in the rain and keeps you dry all while moving with you as you go out on an adventure.

Beyond Clothing

Based in Seattle WA, Beyond Clothing is an apparel company that provides quality clothing that works in a layering system. Each product is on a specific layer of warmth and breathability. You can use each product individually at its layer rating or combine a different item on other layers. Beyond has a strong connection to the outdoors and works to produce its products with the environment in mind. They even have wildflower seeds in their product tags so that you can plant the tag to grow flowers for the bees – so cool right?!

RUX 70L Essentials Kit

Waterporof totes holding travel gear
Using our Ruxs to carry our surf gear to the beach

Okay, you need a RUX, it’s that simple. This product is described as an organizer for all of your gear. It’s like a storage bin meets a waterproof dry bag. A RUX can store, carry, protect and organize any of your gear. It’s collapsible, waterproof, super durable and most importantly, easy to use. We use our RUXs to manage our camera gear and also carry our surf gear like our wetsuits, booties and such. These bins have been a huge game changer for us in organizing and protecting our gear on our travels and I could not recommend them more.


RUX is a Canadian company, based out of Squamish BC. This company was created out of a desire to simplify the outdoor lifestyle by freeing up time, energy and space by organizing your gear. The idea for the product came from a necessity of better storing bulky yet essential gear for outdoor activities. RUX is a member of 1% for the Planet and has a lifetime warranty on its products. They believe in reusing and recycling products where they can while creating products that will last through the wear and tear of adventure.

Rig Caddy – Holder

Metal caddy attached to car holding travel mug.
Rig Caddy holding our travel mug on the side of the Land Cruiser.

We love our Rig Caddies. But what is a Rig Caddy? It’s an aluminum-constructed device with rubber-coated magnets that snaps onto your vehicle. The purpose of the Caddy is to keep your gear organized and within reach. The Rig Caddies come in a variety of uses from cup holders to a catch-all trays. You can use a Caddy to hold your beer, store cooking utensils while making food and even hang a fishing rod. Furthermore, our Caddies have been a go-to for storing our most used items while posted up for camp.

Eezy Supplies

California-based Eezy Supplies aims to simplify your camping experience by keeping your essentials within arms reach. Eezy is run by outdoor lovers who want to prioritize helping the planet through their company. Every product has been packed and shipped without the use of plastic since 2014. Their clothing products are also Bluesign approved and work to reduce their water consumption with each item.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these items are some of our favourite gear at the moment. We stand behind the companies that created these products and fully support their missions. So be sure to check out these brands, they are doing some amazing work for the outdoor community and the planet. We hope these products can help you in your future travels and adventures!

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